Winter weather


Well with that lovely weather at the moment I felt it was about time I bought myself some winter gear. A good winter coat is essential in our Irish climate. There are so many gorgeous styles on offer at the moment. However, I’ve found them to be focused much more on looking fashionable than actually doing the job of keeping its owner warm. Take these two beautiful coats from River Island for example:




While I absolutely adore the boyfriend style of both coats, I couldn’t justify the price tag of €107 each for a winter coat that only has one button and doesn’t fully close. Autumn seems to get forgotten in Ireland as the weather gets very cold very quickly (it basically changes from summer to winter overnight). This means that these types of coats would require significant layering underneath to avoid frostbite.

Therefore, I decided to purchase a much more practical coat. I bought this coat on the Topshop website for €100 as it seemed to be sold out everywhere I looked. 



Like the River Island coats above, this coat has a slouch boyfriend style fit. However, it is made from wool and angora which will ensure warmth. The olive colour is a gorgeous muted tone for winter while still steering clear of dreaded grey and black.

I also decided to splurge (as usual) and treat myself to this beautiful trench coat from Zara for €80.



A trench coat should be a staple in every wardrobe as it will never go out of fashion. This will be a super handy everyday coat and the tan colour will go with everything.

That’s enough money spent for this week!

Ashlinn ✿



Payday purchases


Yesterday was payday which meant I could finally afford to purchase a few pieces from my ever growing wishlist! I had recently splurged on quite a few dresses and skirts for starting my new job but I was serious lacking in the area of trousers and tops. That is where Topshop came to the rescue…

I adore this printed short sleeve blouse but at £35 I could only justify it by reasoning that I could find a way to wear it outside of work too. Its so versatile that I think it could look great with cigarette pants or a simple midi skirt.


My next purchase was this fab white short sleeve cotton shirt and at £18 it wasn’t a difficult decision. It’s such a simple classic design. This shirt is such a flattering fit and I think short sleeve shirts are the perfect staple for the transition from summer to winter weather.


My final Topshop item was a wardrobe essential for any working woman. A well fitted pair of black trousers is the base around which so many stylish outfits can be created. I fell in love with this pair as the scuba material gives the look a much more glamorous touch due to its beautiful sheen. A bonus is that it skims over any lumps and bumps due to the thickness of the material. £30 seemed a reasonable price for an item I know I will wear to death.


I threw my budget out the window altogether this week the moment I saw this dress from Next at €62. This pencil dress is such a flattering fit and again the colours are a step away from summer brights without the need for resorting to black for winter. I feel this style won’t go out of fashion either, essentially making it an investment (I’ll tell myself anything to feel less guilty for living off pasta for the week due to my crazy spending habits).


So that certainly involves a few things being ticked off my wish list. I’m sure I’ll just add twice as many items by this time next week! My focus at the moment though is finding the perfect winter coat that is fashionable, as well as actually being warm (a harder feat than it sounds).

I’m also loving that brogues are trending at the moment and want to find a fashionable pair that will be comfortable enough to last me all day in the office. The joys of getting old, I’m beginning to worry more about comfort than style these days!!

Until next time 🙂

Ash ✿

A brief introduction

Hello (to nobody as of yet),

Before I go off on a tangent (as I so often do) I thought I’d be best to start off with a short piece about myself. As I’m sure you’ve already established my name is Ashlinn. I was born in The Netherlands which explains my height and why I will often be towering over others in my pictures. I’m a 22 year old college graduate currently living in Dublin, Ireland. For those interested, I completed a degree in Business & Law. I promise it was much more interesting than it sounds. 

On to why I have started this blog- I am just about to start working in a large corporate firm which means an entirely new wardrobe is in order! As terrified as I am about entering the business world, I am equally excited about this perfect excuse to do some shopping.

Now don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I will be focusing on work clothes alone. That would get boring very quickly! I am interested in all things fashion, beauty, health, celebrity and travel so it’ll be a mixed bag of anything and everything.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you so much that you have stopped reading because its time for the good stuff! I went out clubbing at the weekend for my friend’s 21st and I’d been dying to wear my new jumpsuit for so long but couldn’t find the right necklace. Finally a miracle happened…

All smiles :)

Jumpsuit- Topshop, Shoes- Primark, Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

At 5,9 it is very difficult for me to pull off jumpsuits or playsuits as my legs and torso are always too long. With this bandeau I managed to cheat the height issue by eliminating the existence of straps. The mint shoes and floral necklace create a pop of colour on an otherwise simple yet classic outfit. 

We're so vain!

All smiles!

That’s me for now… More to come soon 🙂

Ash ✿