A brief introduction

Hello (to nobody as of yet),

Before I go off on a tangent (as I so often do) I thought I’d be best to start off with a short piece about myself. As I’m sure you’ve already established my name is Ashlinn. I was born in The Netherlands which explains my height and why I will often be towering over others in my pictures. I’m a 22 year old college graduate currently living in Dublin, Ireland. For those interested, I completed a degree in Business & Law. I promise it was much more interesting than it sounds. 

On to why I have started this blog- I am just about to start working in a large corporate firm which means an entirely new wardrobe is in order! As terrified as I am about entering the business world, I am equally excited about this perfect excuse to do some shopping.

Now don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I will be focusing on work clothes alone. That would get boring very quickly! I am interested in all things fashion, beauty, health, celebrity and travel so it’ll be a mixed bag of anything and everything.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you so much that you have stopped reading because its time for the good stuff! I went out clubbing at the weekend for my friend’s 21st and I’d been dying to wear my new jumpsuit for so long but couldn’t find the right necklace. Finally a miracle happened…

All smiles :)

Jumpsuit- Topshop, Shoes- Primark, Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

At 5,9 it is very difficult for me to pull off jumpsuits or playsuits as my legs and torso are always too long. With this bandeau I managed to cheat the height issue by eliminating the existence of straps. The mint shoes and floral necklace create a pop of colour on an otherwise simple yet classic outfit. 

We're so vain!

All smiles!

That’s me for now… More to come soon 🙂

Ash ✿


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